The goal of this nonprofit organization is to maintain a fund to provide charitable assistance, within the Minden area, primarily for those needs not specifically met by other charities or organizations.  Some examples would be assisting a family that has suffered a house fire, a flood, or a family stricken with a devastating illness that creates a financial hardship.

Monies are distributed by application only, and we do not advertise, but rather seek input from ministers, principals, and social workers regarding families in need.  Decisions regarding disbursements are made by a board of not less than five persons. Current members of this board are:

Hodson Brown, Lindsay Collins, Zach Goodman, Patrick Miller, Jason Ogwyn, Andy Pendergrass, Kristin Utphall, and Candi Wimberly

A golf tournament, along with an auction, is the main source of fund-raising for this foundation.

The foundation has Section 501(c)(3), tax-exempt status, with the Internal Revenue Service.

CLICK HERE to download the Request for Assistance Form (PDF).